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Z Supply Agave Green Premium Fleece Flare Sleeve Pullover

$50.00 USD

Tell him to stop the madness. You’re planning to Keep It Low Key today no matter what he’s got planned. There will be nothing fancy this weekend. Just comfort and and relaxation, and a few snuggles of course. You have had this day (and your outfit) planned for a while. It’s all about chill-laxing today. He did notice your effortless new pullover this morning and commented on how beautiful you look wearing it. So, he's semi-clued in. That boy needs to chill, cuddle up, and focus on you. We’ll even tell him for you.There. Done. Now, go relax in your super soft new pullover with Mr. McSweetie. Designed with an acrylic/spandex blend, the Premium Fleece Flare Sleeve Sweater features a ultra-soft feel fabric texture with a cropped hem, flared sleeves, and a round neckline. Model is wearing an x-small.