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Karla Dress

$56.00 USD

Some queens throughout history were so influential they left their name on a whole era. Well, our classy and chic new maxi definitely can fall in that category of style influencer, especially if you have it on. Drum roll, please…*Drummmm.* Introducing The Karla maxi dress! And honey, let me tell you, she is all that and a tiara. One time wearing this beauty and you’ll be the toast of the town, if I do say so myself. You will leave a trail of awe struck followers in your wake as you leave your mark on trend setting fashions. Now, go be fabulous! One and done, this comfortable and simple maxi dress can complete any Summer look in 60 seconds (or less). Sleeveless maxi dress with a sleek jersey fabric, scoop neckline, long side slits, and true to size fit.